Where to Next?

I’m not planning on shooting any pitchers tomorrow. The weather is supposed to clear up, but I don’t have it in me. I’ll be ready to go in a couple of days though.

But where should I go? There’s a couple of spots in Lowell. The river walk next to the hockey rink, and pretty much anything downtown. I’m going to be disappointed though because I’m pretty sure they got rid of the cobblestones. Downtown has a sort of 19th century nightmare vibe to it though, so I’ll still go. But when? No idea. I think a Sunday at sunrise would be best. We will see.

Billerica center has some nice things. A little park, the old church. Stuff like that. Concord is nearby and it has one of my favorite places, Minuteman National Park. I’m hesitant to drive that far for a river view when we are balls deep in a brutal drought. That might wait for the fall. Also, my tripod is broken (it doesn’t tilt anymore) so long exposures of the Concord River might not work out. We will see.

Boston. Cambridge. I put in for a couple of days off later in the month and one of them may include an early morning in the city. Weather permitting. We will see.

Is there anything in Salem, NH? Dracut, MA? There has to be, right?

Where else can I go? I might have to ask The Google. We will see.