Another Film Photography App

I heard about a new app that is supposed to be an alternative to Instagram (no video, no tic-tok-ish bullshit) but it is only for images shot on film.

Sure, I’ll check it out.

Or I would if I could find it in the iOS app store. It’s called Grainery and it looks and feels and smells exactly like Instagram, except that when you post an image you have to include the camera, lens, and film used. Good thing I started taking notes!

I created an account on the web version of the app. The article I first read was written in June and it said the mobile apps were imminent. So maybe there is an app in the app store somewhere, maybe there isn’t. My account is RobJ_1971 (just like Flickr).

The only question left is will images from the site embed into posts here? I am guessing no, but let’s paste a link and see what happens….

Nope, doesn’t seem like it works… yet. Let’s get on that, Mr