A Trend(?) That I Hate

Begin rant.

I listen to a lot of podcasts while I work. I have seen a thing happen a few times on a handful of different pods and I think it’s becoming a trend and if it is a trend I friggin hate it.

The podcast runs for an hour or so. Good content, decent content, okay content, whatever. That part is irrelevant. The podcast comes to an end and they play some music to mark that the episode is over. That’s okay, in theory, but they don’t fade out. They just play an entire piece of music all the way through.

STOP DOING THAT. When the podcast is over, I want to listen to the next podcast in the queue and I can’t effing do that if you are going to play some random Tommy Friggin’ James and the Friggin’ Shondells song for five minutes.


End rant.