Film Delivery Fail

I packed up my four rolls of film that are ready to develop in a padded envelope. I printed out the shipping label and taped the ever loving shit out of it to my padded envelope. I then went to the nearest mail box and…

…I guess mail boxes only have slots wide enough for letters? You can’t stuff four rolls of film in a padded envelope through that letter sized slot. So how long has this been a thing? Can I blame this on that DeJoy piece of shit?

I guess my four rolls of film in a padded envelope will have to wait until Monday to ship out. It’s bad enough that the whole thing cost more than I expected, and the volume discount was negligible. At least the shipping is free. No stamps for this guy.

Yeah, next time I might try to send my business to a lab with slightly lower prices and shell out the dough for the stamps like a big boy.