White Sneakers

I bought new sneakers* the other day and they were delivered today. My feet are freakishly huge. The new shoes are size 14 4e. They are a little on the snug side. Hopefully they’ll loosen up.

They are also white.

I haven’t bought white sneakers in 1000 years. I used to only buy white sneakers and I don’t know what fashion trend that I wasn’t actually aware of that caused me to stop, but it’s been a long time.

I feel like I have a pair of suns on my feet, shining bright enough to be seen from the other side of the galaxy. I kinda want to go outside and walk through the mud for a while. Should I?

*Not everyone calls them sneakers, but folks in my neck of the woods do. I think out west they are called tennis shoes, and maybe across the pond they are called trainers. Does that sound right?