Three Bedtime Items of Note

  • It has been 45 minutes since the last time I ate anything. I have to wait 15 more minutes before I can chug a bottle of water. This is relevant because I am seriously thirsty.
  • It’s raining out. No, it’s not raining. It’s pouring. Somewhere there is an old man laying in a substandard bed snoring his head off. It’s worse than pouring. It’s noah’s arking out there.
  • I am worried about my size. I mean, you know that if you’ve been reading this crap of a page because I am constantly talking about weight loss surgery. That’s not what I am talking about. What I am actually talking about is the zit just above my upper lip. It started showing up earlier today and in the last few hours it has grown into a six foot four inch tall nearly sentient partial clone of me. A few minutes ago I was doing a little bit of exercise, walking in place like a bone head, and I swear I heard it call me a pathetic fat ass.