Olympic Bummer

Last night Jen and I watched a bunch of Olympic highlights on YouTube. One of the things we saw was a 15 year old Russian kid landing the first ever quadruple jump in Olympic Women’s Figure Skating history. When we were kids, quad jumps were myths. No one, male or female, had ever done one in competition before. Now we have this 15 year old kid (who looks like she weighs 90 pounds soaking wet, but who could probably kick my ass with just her pinky finger so bad she’d break every bone in my body) landing two of them in one routine. Super Human, literally.

I mentioned to Jen that I had heard something about a skater failing a PED test. I hadn’t heard anything more than that. I didn’t know who how why what where when.

It was that 15 year old Russian kid.

Well doesn’t that just friggin’ blow.