Today is going to be one of those confusing empty nester kind of days that I do so love to write about.


Bellana is going to Europe for the next semester. She’s in a study abroad program. It’s going to be an epic experience for her even though it will be lessened quite a bit by our ol’ pal Covid. I am very excited for her, obviously. As a former career college student I must say that I am a tiny bit jealous. Mostly though I am just going to miss her. School in Vermont seems far away, but a 3-4 hour drive is nothing compared to a flight across the Atlantic Ocean. If we need to get to her while she’s in Vermont we can do it. In Europe? Eh, not so much.

Her flight isn’t for a couple of days, but she is going on this adventure with one of her roommates and she is going to spend tonight and tomorrow at his place as they finalize all the last minute details. She’s leaving this afternoon. This weekend was actually a Dad weekend but she came and stayed at our house yesterday as a little bonus. I am super thankful that we got an extra day.

So it’s back to being very happy and excited and proud and also sad all at the same time. It’s like Ron Weasley said, (paraphrasing) one person can’t feel all of that at once, they’ll explode.

Ka’Boom, babie