Abandoned Mower

One of our neighbors has a landscape crew come over and cut their grass and rake their leaves. They were here earlier this morning. They unloaded their equipment and did their thing and somehow managed to leave without taking a huge lawn mower with them. This orphaned lawn mower is currently sitting at the end of my driveway. It’s only partially blocking us. We could back the cars out without hitting it, but we’d have to be careful.

This is leading to many new questions. Do I need to take the lawn mower in and feed it and clothe it and give it a name and everything? Is this like a baby at the fire station door step deal? Today is our trash pickup and the mower is sitting right near our barrels. When the trash pickup folks show, are they going to think we are trying to throw out a gigantic lawn mower? I don’t think it would fit into the back of a garbage truck, but it might. Will they try to dump it into the truck?

How are we going to get answers to these pressing questions? Enquiring minds need to know.