Reminder: Try This tonight

I drive a Kia Niro. The climate system in the car sucks ass during the summer. It has an auto function that works about as well as… hmmm… what’s a fittingly stupid analogy… fish with a bicycle? Something like that. Anyway, in the summer when it’s 100 degrees outside I set the temp at 68 and it blows hot air. So literally the system blows. I turn the temp down to 65, or the minimum setting, and it blows cold air. It’s dumb. It’s the only thing about that car that I don’t like…

…and there is no obvious way to fix it. There is no auto button that I can find.

To the Google I go! Kia’s website had nothing. Kia’s manual had nothing. A Kia customer forum suggested pressing and holding the defrost button for two seconds. That should turn it off. I am excited and skeptical a the same time. I am excited because I really want it to be off, and skeptical because the solution sounds dumb.

I’m going to try it after work tonight.

I’ll let you know if it works.

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