Want to Move to Scottland?

This Haunted, Abandoned Village in Scotland Can Be Yours for $173,000

Take my money, please!

I don’t mind sharing the property with a ghost. We can do some research to find out how to make ghosts like you instead of scare you and then we can have the ghost predict the future for us. Let the riches roll in, babie! Hey ghost lady, can you give us the line on this week’s Powerball? Thanks, ghost lady!

I’ve always wanted to live on a lake. In this case I would technically be living on a Loch, but I think I will be okay splitting that particular hair. I might even take up fishing, though I think I’m more of a catch and release kinda guy than kill it and grill it.

Of course, the best part about living in Scottland? No trump supporters. Kiss my kilt wearing ass, fascists.