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I made a couple of cans of Campbell’s Chicken with Rice Soup for my parents dinner tonight. The can said to put it in the microwave for 2.5-3 minutes. Not knowing their microwave at all, I went with the minimum recommended cook time. Good thing. That bowl came out of the microwave hotter than the hottest circle of hell.

Just after I typed that last sentence my father asked me to help him get up out of his chair so that he could go to the bathroom. Right on queue I proved myself to be the useless waste of space that I already knew I was and not only did I fail to get him standing up, I failed to get him back into his chair in such a way that we could try a second time. He ended up with his back on the seat of the chair, and every time we tried to stand him up his feet flew out from under him and he almost fell. We ended up having my brother come all the way from Chelmsford and he was able to fix all of my idiotic mistakes. I’ve never felt this pathetic and useless and stupid and weak and did I already say pathetic and useless?

The only time I’ve ever felt this bad was the night Harry was diagnosed with diabetes. Tonight is a long distant second, but still second. I just want to dig a hole, crawl in, and never come out again.

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