The Good, The Bad, The Open Ended

Three things to deal with this morning. First, the good one. It’s Bellana’s 20th birthday! I can’t believe one of those tiny little people I met at Chuck-E-Cheese that night in September 2007 is old enough to no longer be a teenager. How crazy is that? She just finished her second year of undergraduate study, and she’s about to move into an apartment with some friends. She’s all grown up! I am so proud of her. Words cannot describe how proud I am. Happy birthday, Bellana! I love you!

Next up is the bad. I’m still not going to go into detail on the cellar fiasco, but the insurance company… let’s just say they can’t put their words into writing and as a result the project is on hold and possibly dropped all together. Yippee. At least the cleanup is done. That was the scariest part for me.

Finally, the open ended topic. In less than an hour we have a big conference call with my father’s case manager at the hospital. So far most of the news we have gotten from all of the various medical staffs has been very positive. Here’s hoping for more good news. Fingers crossed.

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