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In March 2020 when the Covid-19 lockdown crap was starting to hit the fan, one of the last things I did was get our Mazda inspected. Backstory, in Massachusetts you need to get your car inspected once a year. You get a sticker on your wind shield with the month you were inspected. Our Mazda had a sticker from 2019 with a two which meant the inspection expired in February 2020. I didn’t get to it on time, but I did get it down the following month. So the 2020 sticker had a three on it. Dig?

The Kia had a nine. It was inspected in September 2019. When September 2020 came around we were in full blown Covid fever and there was no way I was going to a shop for an inspection. We have barely driven the car anyway so no big deal. Now that we’re into March 2021 it’s starting to be an issue. Both cars are non-compliant now. Jen was trying to work up the courage to take the Kia to a garage to get it taken care of. It was late last week and it was a big deal for us pandemic-wise. When she got to the nearest garage she learned that the inspection software for the entire state was offline. It’s still offline today, a week later.

They didn’t tell her why, but they suggested she come back on Monday. We learned the truth over the weekend. Malware. So now that we want to get the two cars inspected we can’t. Some reports are hoping it will be up next week. Some are hoping it will be up next month. Wonderful. The police statewide are supposed to be letting cars with March expirations slide. Somehow I don’t think they’ll let September slide too. I don’t want to risk the ticket so I’m not going to try. It’s just… even when the state is pretending that Covid isn’t a thing anymore, we still can’t get things done. It’s just adding insult to injury, you know?

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