USB Fail

I tried to add something to my work desk and I failed. Temporarily, but still failed. My work desk is in my bedroom. It used to be in the office with Jen’s, but early in the pandemic when both of us started working from home full time we were stepping on each other’s toes, figuratively speaking, when we both had conference calls at the same time. At first I started taking calls in the bedroom and then working in the office, but after a really short time I moved everything into the bedroom and setup a second desk. I still have a desk in the office, it just doesn’t have a computer on it anymore.

Pre-pandemic, when Jen was working off hours and I wasn’t, I would sometimes sit on my computer in the office with headphones on doing whatever. Music, surfing, writing, watching TV shows or movies. Whatever. Now I do that in the bedroom which means I don’t need to wear headphones. I had a DAC and some nice speakers in the office but I didn’t really need them in the bedroom, and they also took up more space than I had available. We have a homepod mini in the bedroom (two of them, actually) and when I’m on my MacBook I like to air play all of my audio through them. When I’m on my work laptop I run the audio through my headset mic that I use for conference calls. I don’t like to run my work machine through speakers, I like to keep it to headphones. While I work though I often listen to music or podcasts and for that I use my iPad and air play through the homepods.

Recently, for non-work time use, for steaming video I have been choosing to use the speakers built into my monitor rather than air play to the homepods. I think it’s because the homepods are on the other side of the room and in order to watch TV through them I have to crank up the volume quite a bit. It sounds great, but I feel like everyone else in the house can hear what I’m listening to (even though they can’t) and that bothers me. If I use the speakers in the monitor I can keep the volume way down. Unfortunately, they sound like shit.

So yesterday I ordered a little pair of USB speakers for my work desk. The plan was to plug them into a USB input on the monitor so that I could use it for both computers without having to switch any plugs. Unfortunately, I failed miserably in this attempt.

The speakers are USB powered… but they don’t connect to the audio via USB. They have an eighth inch phone plug for that. Shit. My monitor doesn’t have an input for that, and neither does my MacBook (I honestly don’t know if the work laptop does or doesn’t and I am too lazy to check, even though the laptop is literally an arm’s length away from me as I type this). I was on amazon, saw an inexpensive set of speakers that said USB and bought it. I didn’t read it close enough. Ironically, Jen has the same speakers and bought them for the same reason and made the same error. We’re kinda awesome like that, aren’t we? We finish each other’s sentences AND we screw up our computer audio plans in the same way.

The solution is easy. I have two USB inputs on my monitor, so I just need to grab the DAC from the office desk and use that. That’s what Jen did. That’ll work fine. I just didn’t want to have to add three things to this desk instead of two (two speakers, of course).

I had another item delivered by amazon today too. I didn’t screw this one up. It was Tide Pods. Let’s do some laundry, kids!

The only other outstanding online order I have is the attenuator I ordered for my 30 watt amplifier. I got a notification that it’s shipping label was printed on March 9th. Running the tracking number tells me that it still hasn’t shipped. It’s been a week and it hasn’t shipped yet. It’s just sitting there, missing me. Not a complaint, of course, there is a pandemic going on. I ordered from a home business and life is rough. I just really want to get this thing so I can crank the amp without causing injury and property damage.

And that, my friends, is what’s up with me today. Well… that and work and everything. Whatever, you know what I mean, right?