On Sunday I promised myself that my guitar would get some quality playing time on Monday. On Monday the brand new, expensive headboard broke and I was so mad I couldn’t see straight. Some guitar playing would likely have calmed me down (eventually). I did not, however, play the guitar.

I need to play the guitar. Mentally, physically, spiritually, I need to play the guitar. It sucks that I haven’t played at all in the last week. It sucks.

I need to play tonight, but I likely won’t be playing tonight. Tomorrow night, there might be a chance. There’s a chance tonight too, but not a very big one.

The RPM Challenge is less than a week away. I need to spend some time playing in my newly redesigned bedroom music nook to make sure everything is working correctly. I still have two re-recordings that need guitar parts, so that’s what my goal will be. Starting February 1st though, all re-recordings are completely removed from my brain and it’s all RPM Challenge. The only goal I have right now is participating. The fantasy goal in the back of my brain is to once again make two albums. Either that or a double album. However you slice it, the 10 songs or 35 minute challenge will be 20 songs or 70 minutes. I did it once before, I can do it again… poorly… again.

Until then, my mental health demands I play the guitar… poorly… soon.

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