Quiet Today

I haven’t had much to say today. Trump is still trying and failing to overthrow the democratically elected government because he’s a nazi and that’s what nazis do. Biden was finally given clearance to start the transition today because nazi toddlers can only get their way for so long. I’m so embarrassed to be an American right now.

I mixed a song for the National Solo Album Month thingie tonight. I’m not sharing it. It sucks. It was supposed to be the show stopper this month but I think I was 10 seconds into recording the first guitar track when I finally faced facts that the song is just a total turd. Oh well. Two more songs to mix and then November is done.

I have tomorrow off from work, which is odd given that Thursday and Friday are holidays and I didn’t take Wednesday too. I was thinking about finishing the raking in the front yard but it poured like noah’s freakin’ ark today and it’s probably going to be wet mush tomorrow. Gross. It’s also supposed to be cold.

It’s 8:00 PM and I haven’t done my 30 minutes of exercise yet. I tried to start at lunch time, but just as I was getting going something at work came up. Isn’t that how it always goes?

I think I’m going to spend the next half hour going for a walk around my bedroom. You are all caught up now, so I can sign off until later.

See ya.

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