Eleven Million

Milestone after milestone. Today’s a big day for the USA.


According to the Johns Hopkins Dashboard:

It took 26 days to go from six million cases to seven million cases.
It took 22 days to go from seven million cases to eight million cases.
It took 15 days to go from eight million cases to nine million cases.
It took 11 days to go from nine million cases to 10 million cases.
It took 7 days to go from 10 million cases to 11 million cases.

You read that right, boys and girls. One Million Covid-19 cases in one week.

In the month of October there were 1,818,062 cases (according to my daily check ins with the John Hopkins site). In the first 15 days in November, we have had 1,801,461 cases.

Way to go, USA.

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