Happy Seven Million Day

The United States is up to seven million Covid-19 cases as of today. Aren’t you proud, America? Four more years!

I’d say that I was in favor of deporting all trump voters, but where would they go? Who but a trump voter would be stupid enough to give refuge to a trump voter?

My step son’s school district has opened up sports again. Yippee! Are Covid-19 tests required? No, don’t be silly. Are masks required? For indoor events, yes. For outdoor events, yes for players on the bench but not for players on the field. Apparently, you can’t get Covid-19 by tackling someone who has Covid-19. Who knew, right?

Officials don’t have to wear masks either because, you know… whistles. I can’t remember if cheerleaders need to wear masks. Oh yeah, cheerleaders at home games. Maybe the band at a couple of games. No visiting team spectators though, and each home team player can allow four guests to watch. They have to wear masks though. Thank heavens for that, right? >whew<

Officials need to have temperature checks to be allowed on the field. Not Covid-19 tests, just temperature checks. Teams will have to have temperature checks before they leave for away games. What about home games, you ask? Apparently those are thermometer free! Hooray!

Some days I just want to take a fire hose to this whole idiotic country.

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