150,000 Deaths and 10th Place State

I am still keeping my COVID-19 spreadsheets. One for Massachusetts, one for the entire United States, and one for Methuen. Methuen hasn’t updated their numbers in weeks, so I’ve kinda given up on that one. The other two are still going, updated once a day. I still update the sheets as soon as I see that Massachusetts has posted their numbers. Generally that’s about 4:00pm. They are an hour late today. Some days they post on time but I don’t get to it until later. I try not to look at the US numbers until it includes MA.

I cheated today. I just looked at the US numbers, though I didn’t update my sheet. Two items of note. First, North Carolina caught us. We were one of the states with the highest infection count for months, but things have quieted in Massachusetts enough that a bunch of states have passed us. Today North Carolina dropped us from ninth most infected state to 10th.

Second, the United States of America has officially topped the 150,000 mark for deaths.

One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dead Americans.

But I’m sure that’s just fake news, right? Isn’t all science fake news? Isn’t all math fake news? Isn’t all fact fake news?