Happy Anniversary, Jen!

11 years ago today, my beautiful bride and I finally tied the knot. We said our vows, we gave each other our rings, we smooched for all to see. Bellana was an eight year old bridesmaid, Harry was a six year old groomsman who also helped walk the bride down the aisle.

Best day ever.

I still love you more with each new day, Jen. Happy anniversary.

Now for the goofy, sarcastic portion of the blog post:

I once told Jen (well… probably more than once) that there was nothing the universe could throw at us that we couldn’t handle together. Given the last few years, especially the last few months, I think maybe I should have whispered that to her rather than say it out loud. It feels like the universe heard me and said, “hold my beer.” HarHar. Maybe I should have written it on a little slip of paper, folded it up into a tiny little square, and slipped it into her hand while the teacher had her back turned. I still stand by the statement though.

Thank you, sweetie, for making me the happiest, proudest, luckiest husband and step father the world has ever known.

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