Blood Sugar Keeps Me Up

I went to bed at 10:00. Harry’s blood sugar monitor woke me up at 1:00. He was high, but not terrible. I woke him up and told him he needed a correction. I think he over did it a little. I could hear his pump working, which I’ve never really heard before. I don’t know how much insulin is injected each time the pump gives a little click, but I know it’s a tiny amount. Still, with no frame of reference at all it seemed to go on for too long.

I tried going back to sleep but I was too wide awake. At 2:00 the low sugar warnings started. He wasn’t actually low, but he was dropping like a stone. By 3:00 he was definitely low and I got him up again for a snack. At 3:30 the alarm went off again but the numbers were trending up. It’s 3:52 now and his CGM has been silent. Good.

My alarm is going to go off in 68 minutes. I am equal parts exhausted and wired. I can’t fall asleep. Tomorrow is going to be a rough day. We are going back to Galaxy’s Edge though so I’ll tough it out. You’ll see.

On a side note, I typed this post on my iPad, in the dark, without my glasses, while too tired to think straight. I can’t wait to read it tomorrow and see all the typos and incoherent statements. It’ll be good for a laugh.

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