Clip On

I swore I’d never use one of these. Well… maybe it wasn’t that dramatic, maybe I just said publicly that I prefer to have my tuner be a pedal rather than a clip on, but whatever.  Most tuner pedals double as kill switches and that is really useful.

One of the positives of being a guitar playing gear obsessed nerd is that you can usually come up with a pretty good Christmas list.  My siblings and our spouses do a secret Santa every year.  There are always plenty of gadgets that I can put on my wish list and this year I added a clip on tuner.  Today was the first time I used it.  It worked.  I’m pleased.

I wonder if Alex Lifeson ever pulled out a clip on tuner at a Rush rehearsal and if he did I wonder if Neil Peart ever made fun of him for it.  Geddy Lee probably would have.  I can totally see that happening.  I can hear Dirk and Pratt saying something like, Lerxst, you look like an idiot with that little clip on thing.  I might be projecting lines from the restaurant scene from the Beyond the Lighted Stage documentary onto this topic, partly because I am a dork.  Okay, totally because I’m a dork.

Don’t kill Pratt, it’s bad for business.

She had a watch.  I hated that fucking watch.

It’s not lyrics, it’s evidence.

Waiter (putting Alex’s appetizer onto the table): pork bellies
Alex: What did you call me?

I called her, Urgh

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