Bruins vs Flyers

Given the generally shitty state that the universe has been in since Friday, I could really use a Bruins win tonight.  They just scored to go up 4-2 with 15:00 left in the second period.

It’s not just Neil Peart’s untimely passing that’s messing me up.  All three of my mother’s siblings have had health issues in the past week or so.  We’ve had two hospital stays and an escalating condition that we were really hoping wouldn’t happen.

Selfishly, the worst of all of these things is that Bellana went back to school yesterday and if scheduling works out it’s possible that I won’t see her again until May.  May!  Just as it was when she left in August, I am absolutely thrilled for her.  She’s in such an exciting situation and I am so very happy.  Selfishly, again, I am also really sad.  I still want her to come home after school, you know?  She’s only been gone for a day and I miss her.

The Bruins just upped the lead to 5-2 with 12 minutes left in the second.  They are doing their best to make me feel better.  Maybe after the game I’ll see if I can remember how to play Stick it Out.  Anything to cheer me up.

Addendum: The Bruins blew their three goal lead and ended up losing in a shootout.  Sonofabitch!

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