Facebook Aftermath

When I heard about Neil I changed my Facebook pic to an old picture of him, post-mustache, pre-rat tail.

Since then I have received close to 40 friend requests from fellow fans/grievers. I give them a quick look. If there are mutual friends I’ll probably accept them. If there is anything trumpish they get deleted. One was from someone who was alarmingly Christian and he was deleted too.

I’m okay with all of this, but the second I start seeing pro-Trump anything you go right in the trash. Rush always had a way of pulling in the right wing (Neil went through quite the Libertarian phase, though he admitted to supporting Democrats after he moved to the US) and I have a strict zero-tolerance policy for crap like that from people I don’t know in real life.

The axe will fall and it will fall swiftly.

Obviously there are lots of Christian-ish posts flying around. He’s in a better place, he’s looking down at us, he gets to see his daughter, stuff like that. I don’t get it. Neil was very publicly an atheist. Viewing him in some Christian afterlife heavenly way seem like you are insulting him. That’s not how he saw the universe. Show him some fucking respect.

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