Band Practice, At Last

The band got together for the first time since November 30th and it was just as bad as you’d expect.  We had been talking about seriously trying to add a Rush song.  We had also been talking about goofing around on a Rush song.  We did neither.  Any time one of us finds a song that he can fudge his way though, some one else is unable to fight through the awesomeness.  What can you do, right?  Neil Peart was aware of the effect he had on cover bands.  We all desperately want to play their stuff, but they are just too good and the songs are too hard.

Still, earlier today me and my Gibson SG and my Vox MV50 and my Apple HomePod spent some quality time laughing at my inability to get through a whole slew of Rush songs.  Mike had mentioned New World Man and I sort of hyper focused on that one.  By the time I left for rehearsal I could get all the way through it.  Sometimes Rush is able to make a song sound really easy while still twisting your fingers into knots.  New World Man is a little like that.  I could play it.  Mike could almost play it.  Kevin tried and just laughed at how hard it was.  That’s how it is being a Rush fan in a cover band.  You try and try and it’s just beyond you.

Maybe we’ll come up with something.  The search is never ending.  Kevin played Stick it Out in a previous band.  I know for sure that back in the 90’s I could play that one.  It’s in dropped D tuning and the scale patterns are like a maze drawn by a crazy person, but at one point in the past I know I could do it.  That means the bass part is probably going to give Mike nightmares.

Whatever we try next, it will have to wait.  Turns out we have a gig on February 1st.  It’s another private party, but this time it’s in a public place.  We will be celebrating Greg the Singer’s birthday.  I have no idea what the parameters are.  Will we play an hour set again?  Will we play two?  No idea.  We’ll figure it out.

In gear news, I took all of the stay-at-home stuff to Mike’s house.  The little pedal board with the Tumnus and the OCD Ge and the Deluxe Reverb.  I plugged in the attenuator but I was getting a lot of noise and pulled it out.  It didn’t fix the noise though so it will probably go back.  I didn’t want to crank the amp, I still want a clean tone, but I want to run it much higher than I usually do.  Maybe have the volume at 5 or 6 instead of two.

That means I have the 18/30 watt Bassbreaker at home along with the big pedal board with the KTR and the OCD v1.7.  I have plans for that stuff and the plans are called The RPM Challenge… though there is now a gig in the way of that… soooo…. I don’t know what.  I’ll probably bring the big board to next Sunday’s practice and use that for the gig as usual.  Then I can bring it home for RPM.  I have visions of running two amps.  The 15 watt Bassbreaker paired with the 18 watt channel on the 18/30 watt Bassbreaker.  It will be a big bonanza of Bassbreaker.

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