Exit… Stage Left

It was the first album I bought. I think it was 1981, but it may have been ’82 by then. I’m pretty sure it was still the most recent record, but Signals may have been out by then.

That’s not the original copy though. I bought this one on eBay a few years ago. The original was on cassette and the tape broke shortly after I bought it. I’m pretty sure I was in school when it happened and I’m also pretty sure I cried a little.

I’ve never been a drummer, but part of me always wanted to be one. I still remember the first time I heard his drum solo on YYZ. Side one, track three. My jaw hit the floor. Not too long after that I heard the studio recording of YYZ when I bought the Moving Pictures album. Also side one, track three. I was really disappointed to hear that the huge drum solo was only two bars long.

Donna Harper tweeted that only a few people knew he was sick. He was a private guy to the end. The other two band members knew. I can’t fault him for his wish for privacy, but I very selfishly wish he had let the public know. We could have eased into it a little. That’s my problem though, not his.

I does feel silly to be heart broken over the passing of someone I never knew, but that’s how it is. What else can you do?

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