Neil Peart

My laptop battery is probably going to die before I finish this one.

The band has agreed that Sunday’s practice is going to include lots of butchering Rush songs.  They are just too tough for weekend warrior types like us, but they are still insane fun to struggle with.

Mike and I have been going back and forth suggesting things to try.  We’re both trying to find things that are on the easier side, of course.  I’ve been putzing around my iTunes library looking for ideas.  Mike threw out New World Man and it sure sounds easy.  Knowing those psychos though the easy sounding stuff will tie our hands in knots and melt our brains.  He also suggested The Garden, which would please my wife to no end, and it might be doable if we dumb it down a bit.  We don’t have strings, and the piano interlude would have to be dealt with.

I accidentally deleted the song Fly By Night from my iTunes library.  Idiot.  I replaced it from Apple Music and then made a bunch of Apple Music playlists.  Studio albums, live albums, and deluxe editions.  I’m going to kinda drown myself in them for a while.  Days.  Weeks.  Yeah, probably.

The groove at the end of Losing It is absolutely savage.  No one ever thinks of that song, but damn what a riff.

I suggested Dreamline because I vaguely remember being able to fake my way through it.  I also thought maybe A Passage to Bangkok, but those vocal parts are really high.  When I pulled albums into the studio playlist a couple of them failed on the first try.  I had to add them a second time.  One of them was Grace Under Pressure.  I think I want to play Distant Early Warning because it is effin’ awesome.

I just read an article that collected a bunch of celebrity messages from twitter.  All of the usual suspects.  Members of bands they toured with in the early days.  People he inspired to start playing who later became friends.  Brian Wilson.  That Brian Wilson.  I don’t know why, but reading Brian Wilson paying tribute to Neil Peart just made me so happy.  Of all people, they brains behind The Beach Boys was a fan.

Neil lost his daughter to a car accident when she was 18 years old.  A year later he lost his first wife to cancer.  He remarried and had a second daughter.  She’s probably in her early teens now, I think.  We lost a hero.  She lost her dad.  This is epic suck for us, but it’s so much worse for her.  All of the collective hearts of the entire fandom need to go out to her.  Mine does, at least.

My father’s hero was Ted Williams.  He saw Ted retire and go out on top with a home run in his last at bat.  He also saw Ted die.  I saw Rush go out on top with one of their best albums and the tour to end all tours.  Now this.  It dawned on me that while my father had to see his hero die, I am going to have to go through this three times.  This is just the first round.  Please let there be a good 30 years before we see this again.

I’m just really sad.  I don’t even know what I’m saying.

I guess my laptop battery had enough juice to get through this after all.

There are going to be more of these.  This is going to take a while to get through,  You’ve been warned.

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