They Sneak Up On You

To quote the great Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth, I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

They say that the internet is a place where the scummiest scum can have a voice.  If you need an example of the kind of garbage to which they refer just look at the president.  Today at lunch I had me a bit of a run in with a couple of similar folks over on reddit.

Today is British guitar god Jimmy Page’s birthday.  He’s 76 years old today.  There was a happy birthday post on r/guitar.

Now, I was as big a fan of Jimmy as anyone.  I, like the overwhelming majority of adolescent males in the United States during the 70’s and 80’s, was a Led Zeppelin fanatic.  He, along with fellow ex-Yardbirds guitarists Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton, was a big part of my wanting to play the guitar.  He was on the official I-Have-To-See-Them-Before-They-Die guitar players list that I was ranting about all the time a few months ago.  I have seen him live once, back in… ’88? On the Outrider tour.

He is also one of those love the artist but be completely grossed out by the man types.  There are a lot of things about his personal life that are creepy and gross.  He may or may not worship satan, based on a ridiculous fascination with Aleister Crowley.  He is one of the most egregious copyright thieves in music history, having stolen musical ideas for seemingly countless other musicians.  Those are bad, but there is one thing in his past that is oh so much worse.

Back in the 70’s during the height of Led Zeppelin’s fame, Jimmy Page had a sexual relationship with a 14 year old girl.  He was in his 20’s.  Over the course of a few years, Jimmy was having a lot of sex with an underage girl.  There were never any legal repercussions, but if someone in his position pulled shit like that today they would be flayed alive (figuratively speaking).  Thus we come to the crux of the argument.

There was a small crowd of scumbags defending his actions.  One argument was really stupid, but just stupid.  The argument was (as you can likely guess) it was okay for him to commit statutory rape because everyone was doing it.  Yup.  People were actually pulling that out.

Worse than that was the one guy who argued that because Ms Maddox had reached an age of sexual maturity it was okay for a man nearly (if not literally) twice her age to have sex with her.  Someone was honestly saying that.  In the 21st century some piece of filth was arguing that because she was physically capable of having sex at the age of 14 then Jimbo was in the clear to fuck her as he pleased.  Everything was just hunky dory.

I got really mad.  Really mad.  I swore a lot.  Eventually I got fed up and blocked the pro-rape crowd.  I’m still really pissed off.

As the good Professor said, I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

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