New Years Eve

Our New Years Eve plans have changed a few times since last I mentioned it yesterday.  We’re still doing Boston, but now I’m going home first.  The weather was utter shit all day yesterday, and it was utter shit so far today, but it’s supposed to get warmer and dryer.  Please let this be true.  I don’t know if Harry, Jen, and I will make it to midnight in the city, but we’ll do our best.  Bellana will and if we bail early I’ll drive back into the city to pick her up.  No problem.  All bases are covered but one.

The one being our driveway.  We got a little snow yesterday, and then a little more over night.  We also got a lot of freezing rain so when I went outside to clear some of it off the driveway I was expecting it to be difficult.  I didn’t expect it to be so difficult that it broke my friggin’ shovel.  Not just any shovel, my favorite shovel.  The red one with the curved handle.  It was all dig, scoop, dig, scoop, dig – the handle bent in half.  What the what?

RIP red shovel with the curved handle.  You fought through many a snow war with me.  You cleared many an icy snow bank and you dug out that fire hydrant many times.  You were a good shovel.  An honorable shovel.  You were my friend and my comrade and my ally and I will never forget you.

Hip hip… (this is where the reader needs to say, “hooray.”)
Hip hip… (say it again)
Hip hip… (say it one more time)

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