Sherman Saves the Day Again

I’m not a handy man.  I’m not well versed in home improvements.  I thought this one was something I could handle though.  I was wrong.

We changed the dead bolt on our door today.  My key had been having trouble turning in the lock and Jen’s was starting to be an issue too.  We could have recut the keys but we thought it would be fun to enter the 21st century and get a keypad lock instead.  I was unsure if I could handle the installation myself, but Jen was willing to work with me and I thought maybe I was up to it.  I got as far as removing the old dead bolt, though I did kinda mangle it in the process. The space in the door itself was in good shape so I thought we were good to go.

I was wrong.

There I was, sitting in front of the door with one side of the new lock while Jen was on the other side of the door with the other piece of the lock and we tried to slide them together and…..

I guess door lock hole sizes aren’t universal.  Who knew?  I do not own the tools needed to widen the hole so Jen called her mother and it was my father in law, Sherman, to the rescue once again.

They came over, he looked at the situation, we went to a store in Salem to pick up a couple of tools.  Bing bang boom the door lock is installed.  While he was at it he also installed a new door knob as well.  It’s like we have a whole new house now.

Thanks, Sherman!

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