Not Brave Anymore

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I switched off of Chrome as my go-to browser after listening to a tech podcast.  I installed Brave on all of my devices and figured I’d never look back.  That was on December 3rd.  A week later those same tech podcast folks told me that they were off Brave and had uninstalled it and so long and thanks for all the fish (they didn’t go back to Chrome, they went back to Opera).

I decided to stick with it.  What the hell.  Sometimes when you’re a nerd it’s fun to buck the standard.  Well, as of today I’m back to Chrome (though I still have to set it as my default browser, can’t forget to to do that).  Why?  Because of  Brave has some hefty security features and it was messing with the way some of my stuff displayed.  When I shut off the security everything looked fine.  When I turned it on it would block some things but not other things that came from the same source.

Oh well, back to Chrome.  Can DuckDuckGo be far behind?

Now, how do I set the default again?

Note: Every time I typed the word “browser” in this post I misspelled it as “browswer.”  What is wrong with me?

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