I’m So Tired

Last night’s sleep was crummy. Note the post from 3:30 AM. Today I was all about Star Wars, but now that I’m home I just want sleep. Bellana went to a birthday/Christmas party tonight and I promised Jen I’d stay awake until she got home. I don’t think she’s left her friend’s house yet so I’m still up. This seemingly simple task is getting more difficult by the second.

Tomorrow I have a ton of stuff to do. I need to finish my Christmas prep, clean the house so it’s ready for Christmas Eve, go to the tall and fat men’s clothing store to buy jeans, seeing as I’ve found tears in the only three pairs of jeans that I own, and I have to sleep too but I think I’ve already mentioned that.

I have to work on Monday but I have both Tuesday and Wednesday off. I’ll be busy all day on both of those days. There’s a holiday or something.

With all this going on I’m not sure when I’ll have the chance to go see Star Wars again.

Because I am so definitely seeing it again.

I’m going to publish this post now but I’m so tired I can’t see clearly enough to proof read it. Look at me living all dangerously.

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