What if Flickr Dies?

I’m just brainstorming on what I can do to try and save this stupid blog an it’s 11 years worth of stuff should Flickr, my primary image host, die the death it appears to working toward.

Google photos.  I currently have 42,179 files on Flickr.  Most, but not quite all, of those are also backed up on my Google Photos account.  Those files are just dumped there though.  Flickr is organized (poorly, but still) with every file being in at least one album and having at least one tag.  Google has a few albums but mostly the only organization is that they are sorted by the date they were taken.  I could download each individual album from Flickr and re-upload it to Google and create a new album for each bulk upload.  That should take about 20 years.

That would take care of creating a somewhat organized hosting alternative.  Granted Google’s photos aren’t public by default.  I’d have to figure out if and how to change that.  The next step would be to go through the 10 zillion blog posts and match the Flickr file with the corresponding Google file.  I could probably add a comment to the HTML that holds the Google link.  That way if/when Flickr dies it’s seemingly inevitable death I could go back through the HTML and replace the Flickr image links with Google image links.  All of that should take an additional 20 years or so.

That’s one set of options.  It’s a horrible set of options, but at least it’s there.


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