I don’t know what’s going on in my head this week, but my internal calendar is all screwed up.

Yesterday was Tuesday.  All day long it felt like it was Friday.

Today is Wednesday (duh).  All day long it has felt like Friday.  At least today it could be because season one episode seven of The Mandalorian came out (I watched it during my lunch break, even though I said I wasn’t going to do that again).  Episodes are supposed to come out on Friday, but this week there is a little Star Wars movie scheduled to come out on Friday so they bumped the show up so as not to conflict.  How would it conflict?  Were they afraid that rabid Star Wars fans would skip the movie so that they could stay home and watch a 35 minute TV show?  Not very likely.

Anyway, two days in a row that have felt like Friday, and it’s only Wednesday.  I am shaking in fear over how much the next two work days are going to suck.  Even if nothing bad happens they are going to feel like they suck just on principal.  It’s supposed to be the weekend but it’s only Thursday?  What’s up with that?

Oh my aching brain.

Two days until the premier of Rise of Skywalker (technically one because while the release is on Friday the first showings are on Thursday.  They do that to inflate the opening weekend numbers a little and they think everyone is too stupid to figure that out).  Three days until we actually get to see it.

Star Wars
Star Wars
Star Wars
Star Wars
Star Wars
Star Wars

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