I Hate Snow

I just read the following from a Washington Post article:

It has been snowing in Worcester for 42 hours. (If you’re really looking to escape the snow, 42 hours is enough time to drive from Worcester to Florida twice.)

It hasn’t been that bad in Methuen, but I did have to shovel out this morning after shoveling out before bed last night.  I expect to need to do some shoveling out when I get home from work tonight too.  After all that work yesterday my sleep watch numbers were spectacular.  Surprised?  I’m not.

Jen worked from home boh days.  I probably should have, but after being the only person in my group to not drive in yesterday I felt a little guilty about not driving again today.  As it turned out I had nothing to worry about.  There was snow on the highways, but there was more sand than snow and apart from slushy ruts between lanes it was mostly clear.  I kept a steady 35-40 mph the whole way in and there was very little company out there.  I made it to work in about an hour.  I consider that a minor Christmas miracle.

Slight change of subject, I haven’t touched my guitar since Friday night.  I’ve been a little afraid.  I would imagine that with all the pain and abuse I’m taking from the shoveling it would be expected that playing would hurt… I mean, I’m hurting all over anyway so why should playing be different?  Still… I’m a little scared.  The band will likely take the rest of the month off before trying to look into a possible booking in early February.  I don’t think I want to wait that long.  Maybe I’ll try to write and record a few things just to keep playing a little.

When I was in school I was playing saxophone all the time.  When you play a wind instrument your body has a way of telling you that it’s too tired to keep playing.  For the sax, it’s a reed instrument so you have to put the mouthpiece into your mouth and your lips and your jaw create an airtight seal around it.  When you reach a certain fatigue point your lips and your jaw stop being able to create that seal.  Your body literally tells you that you are too tired to play and you need to stop for a while.  There is a part of my brain that has decided that is the explanation for why two of my fingers effectively stopped working on Friday.  I don’t practice enough, therefore my stamina is way down.  We take a lot of short breaks during rehearsals that allow me to rest my hands a little bit as we go.  I didn’t have that on Friday.  Maybe I just reached the point where my stamina was all used up and I ran out of gas.

Maybe?  We hadn’t played a gig in over a year, and there were long stretches without rehearsals where I was barely playing at all.  Maybe the reason I went to shit halfway through the set was because my body was telling me that I was too tired to go on.  I like the sound of that WAY more than arthritis, or some other terrible thing.

Maybe I just need to practice more.

Maybe if I shovel enough I’ll be all jacked and playing for an hour without stopping will be easy again.


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