I wish I could link to Apple Music here.  (ahem, talking to you wordpress.com because the HTML code Apple gives us works in your editor, but stops working when you hit publish.  coughwtfcough)

Note: this album is twisted and weird and can be hard to listen to.  I bought it on cassette back in the early 90’s (I think) and later found out that it was different than the original vinyl release.  I am not familiar enough with it to notice any obvious differences yet, but there are two versions of the album available to stream now so maybe something will jump out at me when I get to the second version (which Apple actually notes is version three… so there’s more history to this than I know).  I also heard that Darryl Hall sings the title song on the alternate version.  I wonder how that stacks up to the first version, or the Peter Gabriel version.

One guitar nerd note… I’m listening to a lot of Robert Fripp these days and it’s making me want to buy a looper.  The horror!


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