Halloween Drama

The forecast for this entire week has been rain.  It started raining on Sunday and here we are on Wednesday and it’s still raining.  It’s going to rain tomorrow too, and tomorrow is Halloween.

Methuen has had an EEE scare this year so we were already messing with the trick or treat plans.  We were holding it on 10/31 from 4:30-6:00 instead of the usual 5:00-7:00.  The idea being that we wanted everyone inside before it got dark and the mosquitoes came a-callin’.  We haven’t had a hard frost yet so they are still a worry.

Then today, 10/30, at about noon the city announced that trick or treating has been rescheduled again.  28 hours before the start of the holiday festivities.  I guess 28 hours notice is better than no notice at all… I guess.  We are now running things on Saturday 11/2 from 4:00-6:00.


Why is this a problem for me?

Well I work from home on Thursdays so, despite the super early start time, I was going to be able to participate.  I was planning on filling up a big bowl with candy, opening up the front door, and hanging out with my laptop so I could work while I waited for trick or treaters.  My step son was planning to come over a little early so he could help out.  It was going to be cool.

I had two chores to do before hand though.  First, we have a birds nest in the outside light over our front door.  If I turned on the light, the nest would light… light on fire, that is.  I went out this morning and pulled most of the nest out of the light fixture.  I did this while reaching around the screen door because I didn’t know if any birds were still hanging around in there and I didn’t want to get my ass kicked.  It was okay.  The nest was empty.

The other chore involved buying a metric tonne of candy.  Our neighborhood doesn’t have many kids in it, but we draw them in from all over town (and other towns too) and we get some pretty serious crowds.  No matter how much candy I get, we always seem to run out before it’s all over.  This morning before work I stopped at CVS and bought a ton of stuff.

I was ready for Halloween.  We, as a household, were ready for Halloween.

Halloween isn’t on Halloween though.  It’s on Saturday.  My step son will be working.  Jen and I have plans and we won’t be home.

I bought all that candy and we’re going to be stuck with it.

Bad news, weight watchers.

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