Bad Timing/Bad Luck

I have a pimple on my left ear lobe.  It’s one of those tiny little buggers that hurts like a mutha.  Any time I touch my left ear it hurts.  It’s annoying the crap out of me.  Worse, the strap for my CPAP mask goes under my hear, but it’s just thick enough that it barely touches my ear lobe.  The zit pain made falling asleep very difficult last night.  I ended up having the mask off for a good percentage of my sleep time last night.  My wife never complained about snoring, but I definitely feel more sleepy that I would have expected given the total amount of time I was sleeping.  Am I feeling an immediate effect of not having an apnea treatment last night?  Is it all in my head?

Further bad luck, or maybe it’s just bad timing, is that my clothes dryer picked last night to stop drying clothes.  It still runs, and it still fills up the lint screen, and I checked the vent this morning and it’s all clear.  I think we jinxed it this weekend.  Jen asked me if I thought we should replace the washer and dryer soon.  I said no.  The washer works fine.  The dryer needs to run for a really long time, but it gets the job done.  Or at least it did prior to last evening.  It’s almost like the dryer heard us talking and is now throwing a temper tantrum the only way it knows how.  What a jerk!

On a happier note, the orange pile of fascist goo made an appearance at the World Series game in Washington last night and the fans booed him.  Some of them even chanted, “lock him up.”  Over the last few years about 50% of the population of my country have made me feel pretty hopeless about our future as a nation.  Every once in a while though, the other 50% do something that restores a little bit of my faith.  Good on you, Washington fans.  It makes me sort of wish that I’d picked the Nationals to win the World Series instead of picking the Astros.

Next time.


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