The Great Image Replacement Project

You are all dying for an update on The Great Image Replacement Project, I’m sure. Well, here it is.

Last week I tried to post an image using the WordPress mobile app and it failed because I was out of storage space.  The six gigs I have on my account were all used up.  Well, that’s not good because I just upgraded from three gigs to six gigs back in April.

I figured out that the main culprit was a handful of concert videos I had uploaded back in August.  I deleted them from the account (but strangely they still play on the posts?  I haven’t figured that one out yet) and my free space went up dramatically.  Still though… I didn’t want to risk getting rejected again so I started replacing the images hosted on the WordPress account with the same images hosted on my Flickr account.

I have now replaced the vast majority of images for all posts made in 2019.  The exceptions being things that I never uploaded to Flickr, mostly screen shots and such, and a few posts where I pulled images from Google Photos searches that took things from random dates over the last 13 years.  I will eventually fix those posts, but for today at least they are just more trouble than they’re worth.

As I went through the posts I was deleting them from the WordPress account’s media folder as well.  This resulted in me accidentally deleting my header image (whoops) but it also freed up a lot of space.  At the time of The Incident I was at 100% full.  Now, with a year’s worth of posts updated, I am down to 43.6% full.  Maybe I’ll go back and start updating everything prior to 2019, but for now I think I’m done.

The only potential issue going forward would be what if something happens to Flickr.  If things disappear from Flickr, they disappear from WordPress too.  If our new Flickr overlords over at Smugmug should decide to fuck with us… I don’t want to think about it.

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