Practice Recap

Last night’s band practice went all right.  We got a little goofy and dug up a few songs we haven’t played in a year or two, including Godzilla which Mike and I basically forced the other guys to play.  Sorry about that.

I have been feeling the return of an old friend lately, and yesterday it was an issue.  Going back all the way to about 1989 I have had occasional problems with pain and cramping in my left hand while I’m playing.  It usually starts with me squeezing the neck a little too hard and once it starts it becomes a pretty serious obstacle before it goes away.

When I first joined El Pez Lagarto it was a regular problem.  Pretty much every rehearsal would start out okay, but by the end of the second or third song I’d be hurting.  Playing around the 2nd fret seemed to make it worse, but sometimes first position would hurt as well.  I did some research and found some stretching exercises that help a little.  Over the years it has become less of a problem, but every once in a while it comes a-roaring back and makes it hard to play.

Last week it was bad.  Yesterday it was worse.  Oh good.  I powered through, as always, but the first 30-40 minutes was rough.  The last 30 minutes or so was rough too but for different reasons.

Sometimes you just run out of gas.  Sometimes you aren’t practicing enough (he said while looking in the mirror) and your stamina isn’t where it should be, and you over do it on a couple of solos and next thing you know your fingers just don’t do what your ears tell them to do.  That was me last night.  I tried to shred through this one AC-DC song and by the time it was over, I was toast.  Again, I powered through, but we were all laughing at my toastedness by the end of the night.  Especially through our hijacked Godzilla.

We are a month away from a gig.  I need to get myself into playing shape.  It’s a short gig, only one set, but that’s no excuse for laziness.  I have to get myself up to snuff.

Even through all the pain and suffering though, last night was pretty fun.


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