Random Lunchtime Musings

I wanted to write something today but I can’t come up with anything.  I blame the Minnesota Twins who were eliminated from the MLB post season last night by the muthertrucking New York Yankees (again).

The new MacOS, Catalina, was released to the masses yesterday and I didn’t install it.  Once again I fail to stay on the Apple cutting edge.

Speaking of Apple, we watched the movie Yesterday the other day, the movie about a guy who wakes up one day to find The Beatles never existed.  My one missed-name-drop-opportunity in the story was that people were using iPhones but they never explicitly mentioned Apple.  That was a missed opportunity because everyone knows Jobs and co named their little garage based company Apple in tribute to The Beatles.  No Beatles, no Apple.  At least no company called Apple.  The movie could have found out what Steve Jobs’ second favorite band was and named the company that sells the iPhones after them.  That would have been funny… and sufficiently nerdy for me.

Anyway, I am thinking about installing Catalina onto my MacBook Pro tonight.  I’m curious to see how the breakup of iTunes works.  I read that the new Podcast app is a port of the iPad version.  Not sure I like the sound of that.  I wonder if the music app will just be iTunes circa 2004 or so.  I kinda hope so, only with Apple Music baked in.  The Sidecar app seems interesting, but I already used Duet Display, and haven’t had any need for it since I started using the laptop itself as a second monitor (I have always used my laptops with a desktop monitor.  For years I kept them closed because I had a small desk.  Now I have a humongous desk and can keep the lappies open next to the big monitors).  Maybe if I spend some time recording into GarageBand in my bedroom where my amps are setup, I will use the iPad as a second monitor so I can see Trello in a browser window too.  Could be.

I booked a vacation day for Friday before I knew that I wouldn’t be driving up to Burlington, VT.  I kept that vacation day even though I don’t have a use for it anymore.  I’m thinking about making Friday a music day.  Part of me wants to work on my four year old, often discussed but rarely worked on, re-recording project.  Another part of me thinks that maybe it’s time for an album in a day project.  Another part of me also thinks I’ll probably just binge watch TV while eating hard boiled eggs and green grapes (both zero points) all day.

My brain is starting to hurt.  I think I’ll click Publish now.

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