The Bruins Ruined My Summer

Summer was already looking like a downer, thanks to the slow start our mediocre Red Sox got off to, but it was ruined for good when the Bruins lost game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals.  I mean it.  I had a bunch of St Louis fans at Disney World give me shit for wearing a Bruins t-shirt.  After that game I lost interest in all sports for months.  I just couldn’t risk having my pro-sports heart broken again.  I apologize to the Red Sox for this.  It wasn’t them, it was me (even though they were pretty much shit from day one).

Now here we are on Bruins opening day.  They play Dallas tonight at 8:30.  I want to love again, I truly do, but is it worth the risk?  Do I jump back into the fray even though it was the Bruins who hurt me so?

We’ll see how I feel about eight hours from now.  I’ll let you know.

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