There is an Apple iPhone event today.  They are unveiling my new iPhone 11.  It’s going on right now.  They have already shown my next Apple Watch, and a lower end iPad that I don’t want.  They talked about their new gaming subscription service which I don’t care about and the TV+ service that hasn’t really intrigued me at all yet.

Unrelated to that, though somehow actually related to it, is the factoid that earlier today my Apple Card was delivered.  I didn’t need it.  I didn’t really want it.  I never, ever plan on using it.  Still… a titanium credit card?  Oh I think nerd-boy sees that as a must.  I applied last week and the card came today.

The Apple card was delivered on the same day Apple held the iPhone event.

Looks like the universe is truly aligned.  Synchronicity, you might say.  Somewhere Sting is smiling.

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