Odd Vocabulary Choice

It was the weirdest thing.  This morning I stopped at a CVS to buy a Diet Pepsi to drink on my way to work.  They had recently remodeled the entire store and there were two guys standing in front of the check out who looked like they were contractors on a break.  I don’t know if they were or not, they just looked the part given the scenario.

When I went to check out they were still there.  I wasn’t paying attention to them at all, but the most peculiar thing caught my ear.  I’m not sure, but I believe I heard one of them use the phrase, “Geez Louise” in a non-ironic manner.  By that I mean, he used it as an actual exclamation, not as a sarcastic comment.

He could have said, “oh my god” or “damn” or “fuck me gently with a chainsaw”* but no.  His brain took the fraction of a micro second it had available to search it’s collected vocabulary to find an appropriate exclamation and it chose… “Geez Louise.”

What is this world coming to?


*This is a quote from the movie Heathers, and it may be the greatest line ever uttered in the entire history of the English language.  I bet even Shakespeare would think to himself, “Geez Louise, I wish I came up with that one.”

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