Ticketmaster is a Mess

Letters to Cleo tickets went on sale today and we nearly missed out due to ticketmaster being a lump of cow shit.

We needed three tickets.  Larry, Mike, and me.  Mike and I both had meetings at 10:00, when the tickets went on sale, so Larry volunteered to pick them up.

He tried to at least.  He got placed into the queue and sat there forever.  He opened multiple windows and never got through.  He eventually started getting error messages.  My 10:30 meeting was pushed to Monday so I was back at my desk earlier than expected.  I took a shot.  I failed on the first try.  I didn’t even get to the queue.  Error messages and good bye.  I tried again.  This time I got into the queue but then got an error that the transaction failed.  I use Google Chrome at work.  When I use my personal gmail account I log in through Incognito mode.  That way I don’t have two Google accounts signed in at once and have to go through that annoying selection every time I log into something.  I hate that.  I was in Incognito mode for my ticketmaster sessions as well.  Huh.  I went over to a normal Chrome window and tried again.  It worked.  Huh.

The three tickets are on their way but damn that was a ton more difficult than it should have been.  Ticketmaster is a monopoly so I don’t expect any site issues to be fixed any time soon.  That’s what happens when you don’t have a competitor pushing you to be better.

What a mess.

Still though… we’re on for this year’s Letters to Cleo Homecoming.

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