I finally got around to test driving the couple of pieces of guitar gear that I bought over the last few weeks.

First was the new Fulltone OCD GE.  I played my SG through both my Fender Deluxe Reverb and my Fender Bassbreaker 15 at the same time.  It sounds great.  It feels a little mellower than the standard OCD (I think mine is version 1.4, but don’t quote me on that) but in a good way.  It’s smoother, I guess.  It sounds great, as I just said a second ago.  Let me reiterate, it sounds freaking great.

Now that I’ve said that, let me TOTALLY overshadow it.

I bought an 8 ohm attenuator and I was honestly afraid of it.  I got it on from a builder in Tyngsboro, MA.  It’s called Carls Custom Guitars Speaker Soak.  I turned everything off and then plugged it into the Deluxe Reverb.  It goes between the amp and the speaker and just the idea of messing with the speaker connection scares the shit out of me.  I have had this thing for weeks and was just afraid to plug it in.  Yeah, I’m a wuss.

I plugged it in, turned off all of my pedals, and turned the volume on the Speaker Soak all the way up so that it wasn’t attenuating at all.  I kept my amp channel volume on about two.  It sounded normal.  I then turned the Speaker Soak volume all the way down so that it was attenuating as much as it could… and there was no volume.  So that works, I guess.  I turned it up about half way and I could definitely hear a difference in volume.

I then turned the volume on the amp up to four and turned the Speaker Soak all the way down.  Again, no sound.  I bumped it up a tiny bit and there was a very low volume.  Okay, it’s definitely doing what it’s supposed to do.

Next I turned the volume up to about seven.  The amp is compressing at that point.  We are now at the start of real overdrive.  Things are breaking up.  With the Speaker Soak turned super low, how did it sound?  It sounded quiet.  A nice reasonable volume.  When I dug in with the pick it was definitely starting to overdrive.  Things are starting to get really cool now.

The time has arrived… I cranked the volume.  10.  If this were Spinal Tap I would have been on 11.  How was the volume level?  It was a touch louder than what you’d want for goofing around in your bedroom.  It was very listenable.  My step son was sitting next to me and he was afraid of the potential volume at first.  I told him without the attenuator we’d be at the threshold of pain.  Did it hurt?  Nope.  It was a little louder than you’d want your television while watching a TV show, maybe a little quieter than you’d want it when watching an Avengers flick.

And the tone quality?  I had to fiddle with the EQ a bit.  I lowered the bass (which I usually keep close to cranked) and raised the treble (which I usually keep around 6-7).  And the overdrive?  It wasn’t metal by any means, but it was definitely rock and roll.

I recorded a minute or so with my phone.  The mic sounds like crap and eventually I’ll record this for real with a real mic into GarageBand.  This will do for now though.

I’m so stoked right now.  I want to use this thing at a gig and go 100% pedal free.  Cranked tube amps, brothers and sisters!  Cranked tube amps without bleeding ear drums!  Can I Get a Hallelujah, people?!

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