Waze Win

Over the last few years I have become chemically dependent on Waze.  You know, the GPS app that uses data supplied (willingly) by users and helps you avoid traffic?  That’s the one.

I turn it on almost every time I get in the car.  Now that both of our cars have Apple CarPlay I even find myself bringing it up when I don’t need it, just so I can have a map on the display.

It annoys the shit out of me though.  It just never shuts up.  Sure it’s nice to know when to turn and all that fun GPS stuff, but it also reports cars pulled onto the shoulder (when you’re in bumper to bumper traffic ALL of the vehicles are stopped, not just the one that some clown reported), and police activity, and pot holes, and road kill, and wild animal sightings, and enough already.  I’m trying to listen to a damn audio book and my GPS keeps interrupting me.  It can drive me nuts.

Even worse, there have been dozens of times when I’ve ignored a change to my route and ended up getting to my destination faster than the route it wanted me to take.  Often when it takes me off of a highway to avoid a traffic jam, it drops me into city traffic that is even worse than the highway traffic.  When it takes me out of a jam and plops me into a construction site, it’s like winning the anti-lottery.

So yeah, it’s annoying.  Sometimes though, it gets things right.  If I had not had it running this morning I might never have made it to work at all, never mind on time.

Traffic jammed on Route 3 South in Billerica after tractor-trailer rollover

Thank you, Waze.  You routed me around the morning commute nightmare that was Route 3 South today.  You told me to stay on Route 93 South even though it was clogged up way worse than usual.  You did the right thing and you helped me out.  Thanks again, you annoying little bastard.

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