That was a Little Scary

I just scared the crap out of myself.

I have all this fun guitar gear but when push comes to shove I really don’t know how any of it really works.  I plug it in, I play through it, rock and roll all night.  But what if something goes wrong with one of these toys?  I have no idea how to fix it.  That’s why I never do anything to disturb the apple cart.

Earlier today I did something that might have disturbed the apple cart.

My amp is a combo.  That means the amplifier and the speaker are included in the same box.  In my case there is a cable with a quarter inch jack that connects the speaker to the amplifier.  In some cases the two are connected with solder.  Not in my case though.

Out of fear of screwing something up, I have never ever touched the cable that connects the speak to the amp.  Never.  What if I fiddled with the plug and then it stopped working?  Nope, not touching it.

I have an attenuator now though.  That changes everything.  To use it, you have to place it into the signal path between the amplifier and the speaker.  That means, I have to unplug the speaker and plug it into the box, then run another speaker cable from the box to the amp.  Never having touched that plug before I didn’t know if there was enough slack on the cable to reach the top of the cabinet.

There is.

I know this because I just unplugged the speaker from the amp and checked the length of the cable.  When I pulled out that plug, my heart literally stopped for a second.  Yikes, that scared the hell out of me.  I was already planning on hitting a Guitar Center today to pick up a mic, so now I have to grab another speaker cable too.  Then I will be in business.  Granted, I will be terrified every time I hook this little guy up, but that’s just because I am a wimp.

But first… episode one of the new season of Stranger Things.  Let the creepy commence.

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