Not Even Close

The SleepWatch app on my phone told me I was asleep at 11:00 last night.  In truth though, at 11:00 I went from watching TV with my step son to sitting in the office on my computer, listening to Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow pondering the eternal question of how could Graham Bonnet have been soooooo effin’ amazing on the Down to Earth album and then soooooo terrible on stage and couldn’t Ritchie have figured out a way to keep Bonnet around for studio records and then bring someone else in for live shows?  He was soooooooooo good on that record and yet his replacement was just bad in the studio and on stage.  Questions for the ages, you know?

Really I was just waiting for Bellana to come home.  She walked in the door at midnight, and at that point I went to bed and sat up reading on my iPad for a while.  When I couldn’t keep my eyes open I hooked up the machine and went to sleep.  I checked my watch as I was laying down and it said 12:40.

And yet my watch says I was asleep at 11:00.

Not even close, guys.  Not even remotely close.

The good news is I only took my mask off a couple of times.  I was only in bed for about six hours, but the mask stuck pretty well for most of that time.

In closing, here’s a little Rainbow with Graham Bonnet.  He was sooooooooo good on this album.


and then….


That’s actually not as bad as some of the tapes I’ve heard.  I just wish Ritchie’s tech could have figured out whatever was wrong.  He tends to get pissy when his equipment acts up.  Also… umm… mixing engineer?  There are five guys on stage, not one.  M’kay?  Thanks.

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